Given the advent of technology and the rising demand for working from home, most companies reinvent their communication methods by incorporating technological means and various online platforms. One of which is holding a virtual AGM in Singapore to discuss their activities and related business matters.

The challenge is running a successful one because not everyone is familiar with using communication channels and doing things digitally. Here are the mistakes to avoid when running a virtual or hybrid AGM in Singapore.


Planning is necessary for almost all business operations. Companies should have long-term thinking when formulating a budget plan, do rounds of research & development for a product concept, and create a program flow for the AGM webcast in Singapore to prevent mistakes while on air. However, most people are guilty of this or only doing the bare minimum.

Your solution is to plan the AGM webcast. For instance, start with conceptualising a theme or the purpose of what the meeting seeks to achieve. It can be sharing the successes during the year 2021 or recognition to stakeholders when it is due. Another is to plan all the visual elements and forms of media to make sure everyone gets the message.


As with all presentations and public speaking events, a script is a big no-no because it indicates a lack of sincerity or knowledge about the subject. It also makes you appear robotic and monotonous because everything does not come from your mind and emotions. However, people can still write one for their corporate video production in Singapore because there is no room for errors.

Prepare a script that serves as a memory aid, and that means using symbols and letters that represent a particular thought that you often forget. An example would be using a set of numbers to remind you of the 2021 stock prices for the virtual AGM because you need to compare them with the latest data.


A virtual AGM in Singapore is a meeting with directors, shareholders, and other executives to discuss relevant business matters. It can be strategising the latest growth plans, analysing the latest performance, and even voting in case of changes. Most companies are guilty of skipping proper introductions because they see it as a waste of time or unnecessary.

On the contrary, you need this part, especially if presenting this corporate video productionto the entire company. Why? It lets everyone know the people behind the successes of the company or anyone who contributed to its growth. Another is the importance of learning about who controls everything. So, present a brief introduction of the current CEO or the newly-elected board member.


There is a time and place for music that catches our attention, and it is not in a professional virtual AGM where company executives share their annual plans and performance. You are free to choose any music you like, but the problem with most people is they add this media to the wrong places. For example, they still play it while someone is speaking or when another corporate video production is playing.

Choose soft and calming tones as your background music. You can use them while people are waiting for the AGM webcast or during break times to prevent having dead air. And most importantly, avoid playing background tones while someone is speaking because that is a very disrespectful thing to do during professional gatherings.



No one is immune from technological difficulties, even if you trust a reliable virtual AGM platform in Singapore. Your state-of-the-art laptop computer might show sudden hiccups due to the demands of online corporate video production, your internet connection might weaken from time to time, and the platform being unreliable for a few minutes.

Prepare yourself for these things, and have backup plans just in case. Yes. And by that, we mean having a solution for both internet problems and sudden lags on the virtual AGMplatform. You know what people say, it is better to be safe than sorry. Remember that statement to prevent challenges during the AGM webcast.


Holding a hybrid AGM in Singapore is not everyone’s cup of tea. You can even say it is a bit more difficult than the already challenging virtual meetings your company has. What people miss here is the importance of bringing the same experience to both virtual and physical attendees. For instance, they forget that people from the company are watching the AGM webcast through their mobile devices.

Keep the virtual attendees engaged throughout the virtual AGM by interacting with them, giving real-time updates regarding the physical meeting they see from the screens of their mobile phones and preparing other activities to form a rapport with everyone.


Stakeholders and other executives are not there to only talk about the performance and progress of the company. They are also expected to communicate with everyone during the AGM webcast in Singapore, and most companies miss this crucial aspect because they do not encourage discourse and engagement among the attendees.

Ask employees about how they feel about the latest growth strategies and long-term plans of the company. It does not only encourage sharing among attendees, but it lets the stakeholders gather more information during the virtual AGM. You can also prepare engaging activities for everyone to participate in.



Graphs are essential for holding a virtual and hybrid AGM in Singapore because these are meetings for discussing the current performance and long-term business plans. People will see visual images about the stock prices and other numbers, statistics about employees, and other metrics that represent the company.

To make things interesting, summarise everything into a more comprehensive image and avoid using too much information on a small blank canvas. In short, the AGM webcast utilises visual images that let everyone understand things without challenges.



Will Dylan Live Streaming & AGM Video Production Singapore is a virtual and hybrid AGMcompany that specialises in these services. If you have queries or concerns about their company, do not hesitate to send them a message.