Do you ever think about how you barely have enough space at home for your belongings? If so, know that you are not alone—thousands of Lion City residents find themselves in a similar situation. In a 2014 survey commissioned by a storage solutions provider in Singapore, 56% of 1000 respondents felt that their dwellings were too cramped for their families. However, 40% of those individuals also kept things they rarely use. It has been almost a decade since storage experts conducted this study, but their findings are still relevant nowadays.

There are numerous ways to address this issue regarding cramped spaces. You could donate, gift, or throw away everything you rarely use at home. You could also start living a minimalist lifestyle and keep your necessities. But if you think now is not the right time to let go of your belongings, you could find a storage space for rent in Singapore to keep your possessions while freeing up specific parts of your abode.

But what is self storage, and how can you find the best space to keep your effects?


What Does Self Storage Mean?

Self storage in Singapore is a shortened term for “self-service storage.” It is a service that allows individuals to have units like rooms, lockers, or containers to keep their belongings temporarily. It is a space people can rent on a flexible basis, often through weekly or monthly plans. These units come in various sizes that could hold items of different measurements.  Whether you need to store your truck or trinkets, these units are the ideal depositories.

Storage solutions are not only for homeowners who wish to free some space in their dwellings. Individuals and organisations planning to move out could rent storage units to keep their things safe until their new abodes or commercial buildings are ready for their relocation. Entrepreneurs and householders renovating their spaces could also get storage solutions to temporarily lock their accoutrements away until they finish their remodelling project.


How Can I Find And Choose A Self Storage Unit?

Looking for storage space for rent in Singapore will not be challenging due to the prevalence of the service. But finding the ideal rental unit that suits your requirements can be tricky—especially if almost every storage solutions provider claims they have the best rental units in the state.

To help you choose the perfect self storagespace near you, keep the following tips in mind:

Think About Your Needs

Having cheap storage space in Singapore is desirable for many residents. But as much as possible, avoid choosing a rental unit based solely on its price. Think about your needs instead and find storage solutions that would address them.

Prioritise Accessibility

The perfect self storageunit is a space close to your home or place of business. The last thing you want is to travel to the other side of Singapore to grab items you need from your container or locker.

Check The Security

Before getting storage solutions from a Singapore provider, inspect their security features and see if they can keep your properties safe. Look for surveillance cameras, security personnel, and strong locks to protect your effects.

Ensure Spaciousness

When picking a storage space for rent, remember that you need extra room for ventilation. You should also have additional space for walking and moving around your unit whenever you get something or reorganise it.

Determine The Duration

As soon as you consult with a storage solutions expert in Singapore, you will learn that the price of your unit depends on its size and the duration of your rental period. You must figure out how long you need these services before getting them.

Consider The Price

When getting a rental unit to keep your belongings, remember that cheap storage space in Singapore may not always be the ideal one. Getting an expensive storage option may also not be the best choice. The perfect storage facility provides solutions that accommodate your needs and are worth your money.


How Can I Prepare For Using A Self Storage Unit?

Now that you know how to find the ideal self storage unit in Singapore that fits your needs, you must be wondering how to prepare your belongings before keeping them in a storehouse. Scroll through to learn about the things you should do before getting a storage rental space:

Declutter And Disassemble

Before getting a storage space for rent, take time to sort your possessions and determine which ones you should keep, store, donate, or throw away. Consider disassembling bulky furniture, too, to utilise the space of your unit.

Measure Up

Storage solutions experts in Singapore advise people to note the dimensions of their belongings before putting them inside their units. Doing so allows their clients to figure out favourable placements for their effects.

Attach Labels

Creating labels and attaching them to your bins or boxes may seem tedious, but doing so will allow you to locate your possessions. Doing so will also make yourself storage unit look neat and organised.

Make An Inventory

Aside from attaching labels, you can organise yourself storage space in Singapore by creating an inventory of everything you will keep. You could categorise it according to their placement, size,  type, or any classification that works best for you.

Strategise Your Placements

Putting things inside storage space for rent is like playing Tetris. Your wise decisions are necessary when placing your belongings inside your unit to make the most of your facility and its features.


Which Items Are Not Allowed In A Self Storage Unit?

Aside from decluttering and planning the placements of your personal effects, learn about everything that is not allowed inside storage space for rent in Singapore. You could ask your depository solutions provider about the things they prohibit in their facility, but here is a general list of those items:

  • Food Products
  • Wet Or Damp Items
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Flammable Solutions
  • Weapons and Ammunition
  • Stolen or Counterfeit Goods
  • Money
  • Unregistered or Uninsured Automobiles
  • Living or Deceased Organisms

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