Home, office, and building security measures have come a long way from just the past few decades. We not only have surveillance cameras to monitor our spaces or fire alarms and fire-rated doors for fire prevention, but we also have more advanced and high tech locks to protect our entrances.

Why is door locks the most important element in your security system?

Securing your entrances and exits should be a top concern when you’re planning out your building or home’s security. They are points of interest primarily because these are the places that get the most traffic. Most people think burglars wouldn’t be confident enough to enter through a locked door but think again: more than 30 percent of all burglars slip inside houses simply by walking into an unlocked front door. Another 22 percent of burglars enter houses by using unlocked back doors.

This is why investing in a good lock for both your front and back doors is necessary, even if you live in neighbourhoods you deem “safe.” It’s also never a good idea to skip out on buying effective door locks for your house. Many standard tumbler locks can be easy to break into, and other types of mechanical and manual locks are not secure enough for the front door.

If you want to elevate the level of security for your spaces, you might want to look into better options for door locks. For those who need a little more security for their homes, digital door locks are your best bet on getting the latest in security technology and innovations for protecting entrances.

An introduction to digital locks and security


More and more people have been increasingly looking into incorporating high-tech, digital technologies into security systems for homes, offices and other spaces. Even common security solutions like surveillance cameras have common features such as facial recognition and night vision. Alarm systems have also become more advanced.

Digital or electronic door locks are just the natural next step in the evolution of digital security systems. Most offices cannot go without investing in good security systems and locks for their entrances. And in many modern homes, these types of locks are rapidly becoming commonplace.

Electronic locks for your doors replace the traditional type of door lock that requires keys. They are extremely convenient because they usually require only biometric information, passcodes, or smart cards for entry.

Should you purchase an electronic door lock?


Still wavering on your decision to purchase an electronic door lock? Aside from convenience, there are numerous benefits to ditching your manual door lock with an electronic one. Here are a few benefits of electronic locks.

  • Better deterrent against burglars. Burglars are less likely to break into houses with advanced security systems, especially those with CCTV and monitoring. Many burglars’ main method of entry is by breaking into your front door, and digital locks are usually too complex or sophisticated for them to attempt a break-in.
  • Automatic locking features. We all have those moments where we forget to lock something we should have. But forgetting to lock a front door can be dangerous. Many digital locks get around this problem by introducing an automatic locking mechanism whenever someone enters or exits the building.
  • More secure than keys. Electronic locks are thought of as more secure for a reason. These door locks cannot be picked or broken easily by burglars. And because you don’t need keys to open digital or electronic locks, one does not need to worry about lost or stolen keys being used to open your house or building. This is extremely useful in places like offices or hotels, where the large population of people inhabiting or working in the building makes it hard to tell who should be allowed in which areas.


Choosing your electronic door lock

There are many types of digital locks for doors available, from fingerprint or biometric type locks to passcode locks. There are also locks which require the use of access cards and other such accessories. Carefully consider the pros and cons of each lock before proceeding to choose one. Some have bigger drawbacks like losing power when it runs out of energy whilst some have attractive features like being able to easily change the door lock password.

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